Guiding Values

Volunteerism & Faith-Based Service

All service to others, whether motivated by faith-based values & teachings, or drawn from a personal desire to serve those in need are foundational to our program. We are committed to respond, assist & support, as we are able, using all of our unique talents. We believe this “pure” giving, as well as the personal commitment & responsibility to one another’s well-being help to strengthen our entire community.


We place high value on exceptional stewardship of all the gifts presented to us, including financial and material gifts, as well as the resources of time and talent that are offered on behalf of others’ needs. In this same vein, we value the opportunities for nurturing community involvement, along with the resource sharing and collaborative efforts that enhance the common good of all.

Compassion & Empathy

We strive to always treat all persons with whom we come in contact with the utmost kindness, care, and compassion, remembering to always try to put ourselves into the “shoes” of the other person, so that we can respond with greater understanding and love.

Dignity, Independence & Hope

We believe in the individual worth and dignity of every human being. We recognize the inevitability of the aging process and the daily struggles of the physically challenged neighbors. True respect for the intrinsic worth of all life compels us to empower and safeguard the rights of all who seek our service, working to maximize their full potential in our community. We strive always to bring hope to each individual & we hope always to make a better world, by making a real difference in the lives of real people.

Inclusiveness & Interdependence

As an interfaith organization, we recognize the special opportunity that is ours to engage local congregations from all faith backgrounds, and individuals with diverse characteristics, in taking responsibility for our community together. We recognize that through acceptance, sharing and mutual assistance we enrich each other and are better together than by ourselves. We recognize also, that whenever one in our midst suffers, we all do; whenever one is served, we all are.