Quick Facts

Quick Facts. . .

  • . . . Over 100 IVC drivers will log a combined 80,000 miles this year, transporting people to doctor appointments, grocery stores and on other essential errands.
  • . . . Less than 15% of our budget is spent on administrative and fundraising expenses.
  • . . . It costs IVC less than $500 per year to help a person stay in their own home, compared to $5,000 per month for nursing home care. If you multiply that savings by the number of people we serve ($5,000 per month X 12 months per year X 500 individuals) that's a savings to our community of nearly 30 million dollars!

"The true measure of any society is how we treat the least among us."

What Makes IVC Unique?

Although there are a number of quality programs in the Metro area to help older and physically challenged adults, they cannot meet all the needs that exist. The IVC program does not aim to supplant these services, but to supplement them, by working in different ways.


IVC volunteers are potentially available at any hour of the day, any day of the week, allowing us to get people to 6:00 a.m. outpatient surgeries, as well as late night errands, and we also provide help for weekend needs.

Our services have no pre-definded boundaries. We routinely take persons across city and county lines, and have transported people as far as Ann Arbor.

Our volunteers provide one-to-one, round-trip rides, assisting persons who need help with a wheelchair or walker, and staying with those who need supervision or companionship due to confusion or fear.


There are few programs available that offer many of the services that IVC does, and most are far too expensive for those struggling on limited incomes. We are often the only realistic option for help with housekeeping, chores, repairs and respite care, because we are able to offer all our services without a charge.

For long-term, ongoing needs such as freindly visits, respite care, housekeeping, etc., volunteers and clients are matched one-on-one through a process of interviews, home assessments and personal match visits.

All volunteers and clients are offered ongoing support by our professional staff to help them with various needs and concerns.