In the Words of

Our Volunteers

In the Words of Our Volunteers

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to give needed help to those who are a little less fortunate than I. I was glad that I could be of help. Through your organization, I have learned that not all rewards are in the form of money or praise but in the sense of being needed and the sense of having done a good deed." -SS. (age 17)

"Thank you for your work. Without you I would not have the chance to serve." -BT

"I just wanted to write and thank you for being so patient with me and working around my schedule to provide me with the hours that I needed. Your program is helpful to a great number of people and I thank you for letting me be a small part of it. If you ever need any more help I am available." -JW. (age17)

"Your cards and notes have been so spiritually uplifting! Wonderful and thoughtful. As a Caregiver - my career is over - but I hope your organization continues to grow and do good for so many needy, less fortunate out there! I will always remember your people and the things you want to accomplish: may the Lord bless your efforts." -DM

"We've come a long way baby. I'm proud of your organization and happy to be included in it. Still available to you if you can use me in any capacity." -JC