Saving Grace

Saving Grace 9/2005

Before they began serving their neighbors, all of IVC's volunteers attend an orientation where they learn many things about the program, including what to do if their scheduled ride does not go as planned. Volunteers are instructed to always call the office if there is any problem with their ride. Bill, one of our many loyal drivers, remembered to do this recently when a problem arose, and by so doing was responsible for saving Grace.

Bill had volunteered to take Grace to the doctor for a morning appointment. They had spoken the night before when Bill confirmed the time and directions to Grace's home. The next morning Bill was running late, but when he called Grace to say he was on his way there was no answer at her home. Bill thought perhaps Grace was already waiting outside for him, so he proceeded to her home. When he arrived there, Grace was not outside and there was no answer to his prolonged knocking.

Bill went back home and immediately called the IVC office with his dilemma. Our staff called Grace's emergency contact, her daughter, who was quite concerned by the news. She could think of no reason her mother would not be answering the door. She agreed to a suggestion from our staff person to contact the local police department. IVC called the police, and when they arrived at Grace's home, they entered to find her on the floor and in need of immediate medical attention.

After her hospitalization, Grace has recovered and is back home doing well. Her daughter called our office after the ordeal to thank Bill and IVC for all the we do. IVC, in turn called Bill to share with him how his volunteering probably saved Grace's life.