Loneliness 7/1998

Rosalie is a senior citizen living alone. She is 83 years young. She recently had three abdominal surgeries in a one month period of time. Rosalie is not accustomed to being inactive. She volunteered at her church for twenty-two years, sewing aprons and other gift items to be sold for the benefit of the church. She no longer can sew because of poor eyesight.

Rosalie, like many senior citizens, had to move away from her church, her neighbors and her friends. She is not familiar with her new neighbors, and is unable to drive, which makes it difficult to make new friends. She recently was widowed and suffered the death of a daughter a year ago. Her other children live a distance away and she feels they don't have any time for her, which only intensifies her feelings of loneliness.

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers was able to match Rosalie with Virginia, who is retired, lives alone, and is a very caring, compassionate person. Virginia will visit weekly with Rosalie and occasionally provide an outing for lunch, or maybe just a ride to get Rosalie "out into the world" which is something she misses greatly.

After their first visit, our volunteer Virginia, called the IVC staff at the office. She said that within their first few hours together, the two ladies had laughed together, cried together, and felt the beginning of a wonderful friendship.